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Custodian offers a variety of disaster recovery options, providing you with a robust contingency strategy should the worst happen. With separate sites located in Kent, London and Surrey, Custodian is well equipped for maximum disaster protection, allowing you to stay online and operational when unforeseen circumstances occur.

In preparing for any eventuality, disaster recovery is a form of business continuity planning that allows you to minimise disruption and loss should a negative event occur. Business continuity planning is the process of anticipating how the core functions of your operation would be affected should a natural or human-made disaster disrupt your premises or equipment, and putting disaster recovery strategies in place to re-establish full functionality as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Our business continuity and disaster recovery options include:

  • Utilising the back-up infrastructure of our specialist facilities by housing your hardware within our data centre
  • Off-site infrastructure replication – housing a complete replica of your systems within a data centre provides complete resilience. This could either involve retaining your original infrastructure at your own premises and storing your replica within a data centre, or placing both sets at separate data centre locations
  • Workplace recovery, providing a secondary site to run your office from should your premises become inaccessible
  • Online backup solution, Stor:Net

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