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Custodian can offer colocation at any of our partner sites including disaster recovery options for true resilience of your infrastructure.

Data centres can not only provide organisations with back-up of their own infrastructure, but can also provide services in which a complete replica of your systems is housed in another data centre site. By choosing Custodian for your primary and secondary sites, it allows you to have true piece of mind and one point of contact should you ever have any queries or need any assistance.

We offer colocation in all of the following partner sites:

Sussex: just minutes from Gatwick Airport, our brand new Custodian Gatwick Data Centre has space for 400+ racks. An ideal colocation facility for Sussex-based and international businesses.

Surrey: just off the M25, this facility offers quarter, half and full racks. The site boasts a fantastic 24/7 support team and award winning adiabatic cooling system.

London Docklands: is one of the most connected facilities in the UK, although rack power is limited in this facility it is perfect for clients looking to place themselves in a highly connected facility.

London City: the data centre is a modern colocation facility situated on the northern fringes of the City of London. This is the London facility of choice for clients who need higher than average power.