Custodian are data centre pioneers, specialising in colocation services from individual ā€œUā€ space to entire data floors.

With facilities in Kent, Surrey and London all ISO 27001 certified with resilience, power and comprehensive cooling capabilities as standard.


Our flagship, award winning data centre located just off junction 7 of the M20. With 100% uptime record and sub 0.4ms outside of docklands, the facility is totally flexible in its offerings with almost unlimited power and cooling. This carrier neutral data centre offers u-space, quarter, half and full racks with options for data halls and suites. It is the perfect location for London connectivity without the risks or travel issues associated with London.

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Data Centre locations

Just off the M25, this facility offers quarter, half and full racks. Our technical team has chosen this facility not only because of its location, but because of its philosophy and technical expertise.

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London Docklands

One of the most connected facilities in the UK; although rack power is limited in this facility, it is perfect for clients looking to place themselves in a highly connected facility.

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London City

This data centre is a modern colocation facility situated on the northern fringes of the City of London. This is the London facility of choice for clients who need higher than average power.

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Data Centres are facilities where companies that have business critical continuity requirements can benefit from a location where power and connectivity are in abundance, and usually far more cost effective than sourcing your back-end infrastructure.

Some companies locate their data centres in-house, however by outsourcing to an external data centre this can help a company reduce costs, enhance security, have better access to the most current cooling, power and connectivity technologies, whilst helping them focus on their core business.

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