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Private MPLS WAN

Custodian MPLS network solutions provide fast and reliable connectivity. Circuits are fully optimised for secure sharing of data between connected sites. Solutions are fully scalable to enable you to have more choice and options for when your needs change and grow with your business.

  • Fully managed 24/7/365
  • Take your business to endless destinations
  • Multi-node resilient network with SLAs
  • Various circuit connectivity options
  • Direct access to AWS, Azure and Google
    Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud
Example WAN Network
Wide Area Network connections via Custodian DC
background background Wide Area Network connections via Custodian DC
Global Gateway device Global Gateway device

Plug your business into the world

Take your business to the cloud, public sector networks, internet, WAN and more. All through one box, with unrivalled bandwidth capability and benefits for your business.

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