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Leased Lines

Leased lines, or tails from your premises to the data centre are perfect for organisations that need consistent high performance, together with the flexibility to grow with demand and run business critical applications that command 100% service availability that might otherwise be unavailable over the general Internet. A private circuit to our network can give the highest possible quality Internet connection and/or direct connectivity into almost any network provider in the world.

Point to Point Circuits

Our dedicated Point to Point Circuits offer affordable, dedicated bandwidth at speeds between 10Mb and 10Gb+ between two locations.

Fast, reliable and guaranteed connectivity. Our Point to Point Circuits (also known as Private or Ethernet Circuits) is a must-have service if you require dedicated, always-on, fixed bandwidth connectivity between two points, transporting data, Internet or voice traffic. Point to Point Circuits are incredibly cost-effective, particularly if you tend to exchange large volumes of traffic between your company’s sites or a valued business partner. Thanks to our extensive network infrastructure interconnected with local providers, London data centres and international carriers for maximum reach, our clients benefit from faster, high bandwidth Point to Point Circuits at low cost.

Key Features of Point to Point Circuits (Ethernet Connections):

  • Dedicated Circuit
  • Fixed-price with unlimited usage
  • Efficient high bandwidth communications
  • Flexible, for when you need to upgrade due to increased usage and business growth
  • Perfect for disaster recovery

Commercial Internet

Custodian Commercial Internet is fast private Internet that we connect from our core infrastructure direct to your site. Dedicated fibre connections give you bandwidth capabilities that business broadband providers can’t match. The more users on a broadband connection the slower your Internet experience becomes, with the possibility of new businesses competing for bandwidth on your shared line.

100Gb network capability in the heart of Kent, monitored 24/7, fully supported by our Maidstone-based technical team at our network operations centre. Custodian Commercial Internet will provide you with your own private fibre network, giving your business a reliable and consistent service regardless of the number of users.


  • Guaranteed resilience and built-in scalability - ensuring you can maximise your productivity at all times
  • Fast speeds and a secure connection - meaning you can upload large files faster and whenever you choose
  • State of the art connectivity - ensures that you can spend more time building your business and exploiting new ways of utilising the Internet

Unlike many ISPs, we operate Kent based 24/7 support with no extra premiums attached, and you'll receive 100% support availability from the team of engineers who actually devised the network. Without the use of call centre agents, if you have a problem we will connect you directly to someone with technical expertise. We offer a transparent flexible pricing structure, with all costs, ranging from installation to your individual contract details, clearly detailed in your personalised plan. With a current record of 100% uptime, our SLA agreements will offer you peace of mind, whether you choose a fully meshed diverse network or single line solution. Scalability and flexibility to change your download and upload speeds and limits mean that should you need to change your contract details we can immediately respond. In addition, you could benefit from our data centre facilities, offering you a safe and protected environment for your vital IT infrastructure, or the opportunity to utilise cloud based solutions. Custodian’s high speed network can securely connect your business across the world.