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Custodian MPLS network solutions provide fast and reliable connectivity. Circuits are fully optimised for secure sharing of data between connected sites. Solutions are fully scalable to enable you to have more choice and options for when your needs change and grow with your business.

The benefits of our MPLS networks include:

  • Carrier neutral network
  • On-net for most major carriers including Openreach, BT, Virgin Media, Colt and more
  • Powerful Internet access platform using Tier 1 carriers including Level 3, NTT, Cogent and more
  • MPLS resilience built in with diverse routing
  • Private network means your WAN traffic stays off the public Internet
  • 24/7/365 UK based support team
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24x7 monitoring and technical support


Our VPLS Networks (Virtual Private LAN Service) makes it possible for our clients to have a LAN structure between geographically separate sites, regardless of location, all services in a VPLS appear to be on the same LAN. Our VPLS networks can provide point-to-point, multipoint services and any-to-any capabilities, linking multiple remote sites as if they were on the same physical switch.

The benefits of our VPLS networks include:

  • A leading network optimised for secure sharing of data, voice and video traffic
  • On-net access to a class leading data centre platform for a broad range colocation services
  • Incredibly simple environment to manage and grow just like a LAN
  • Multiple carriers for superior resilience across VPLS
  • Bandwidth options from 10Mb to 10Gb+
  • Built using industry leader Cisco technology

Dark Fibre

Custodian's state-of-the-art dark fibre enables clients to benefit from fast, direct and secure dedicated bandwidth at competitive prices. With diverse routes into London and sub 0.4 milliseconds latency, our dark fibre network provides clients with the ability to scale their business to whatever bandwidth is required. When coupled with our data centre services, our dark fibre network can provide stunning connectivity and state-of-the-art colocation, ranging from part racks through to entire data halls. With four locations supported by Custodian's range of connectivity options, clients may choose to use our dark fibre offering or a range of other carriers, including our own AS 50300.


Backhaul Circuits

Many data centres solutions depend on multi-site set ups to deliver resiliency and meet disaster recovery objectives. It is important to be able to replicate data at low latency and high throughput, where a solution spans two or more data centres. Our network and trusted carriers are able to offer everything from 1Gb MPLS circuits to 40Gb and 100Gb wavelengths services, Custodian has a solution to suit all needs. All of our Backhaul Circuits support full QinQ trunking and are transparent to your equipment, so you can extend your existing network to us with no impact on its performance.

Wavelength Services

Wavelength services are ideal for any large corporation wanting to transport large amounts of data between networks at high-speeds. Perfect for data centre connectivity, we offer a range of transparent, low latency, high capacity wavelength services that are fully scalable. With speeds up to 100Gb with a range of interface levels our Wavelengths provide a low latency connectivity with network backhaul.

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