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ConneXions allows Custodian the opportunity to resell LINX ports to our clients, with our ability to utilise our layer 2 network to connect remotely to the LINX exchange. Custodian can also resell VLANs to allow clients the opportunity to become a LINX member using our own established LINX relationship.

ConneXions tubemap

The LINX ConneXions programme means you can connect to LINX from anywhere on our network without the need to take space in a LINX data centre or connectivity to the LINX exchange!

Benefits to our clients:

  • One financial relationship
  • End-to-end connectivity solution
  • Economies of scale
  • No need for physical kit in London
  • LINX membership
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LINX memberships take 3 days to process and to qualify you must have your own AS number. Once connected to LINX, our customers can exchange traffic with other LINX members via the peering LAN. Each network has its own needs and reasons for peering, but these can include:

  • Increased resiliency
  • Increased efficiency
  • Good engineering practice

Peering at an IXP meets many network needs by providing a one-to-many option, leading to reduced latency and economies of scale. LINX enables members to access:

  • Routes – circa 80% of global routing table
  • Members – more than 330 members connected to the LINX route servers
  • Connected capacity and traffic – over 8.67 Tb of connected capacity
  • Ports – over 1140 member ports