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We operate a mainly open peering policy for public peering, and a selective policy for private interconnects. We support IPv4 and IPv6 at all locations, for full details please see the relevant sections below.

Our full technical peering details are here:

Public Peering

AS 50300 is available at the following public peering exchanges:

  • AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange)
  • LINX (London Internet Exchange)
  • LonAP (London Access Point)

Our general requirements for a public direct peering session are as follows:

  • All Locations
    We expect to peer with you at all common locations.
  • Not on Route-Servers
    If we already see you via the route-servers and traffic levels between us are low then we may not agree to an additional direct session with you.

Private Peering

We are open for Private Interconnect (PI) peering at most UK facilities where there is sufficient traffic between our networks to warrant a direct peering. Custodian expects the cost of any interconnecting cabling within the facility to be met by the party making the PI request.

All PI partners should meet the following requirements:

  • 24x7x365 NOC
    Anyone who we establish a PI with must operate their own Operations Centre and provide a direct phone number and email contact. This contact must be in a position to provide rapid fault investigation and resolution of the PI.
  • Reasonable Traffic Levels or Latency Requirements
    We generally prefer PI partners to exchange a minimum busy-time traffic level of 100mbit/s with us. This is not a strict rule so if in doubt please contact us.
  • Support 1GB and 10GB SM Fibre
    We expect our PI partners to support both 1GB and 10GB Single Mode Fibre connections and to promptly perform a coordinated upgrade from 1GB to 10GB when traffic levels exceed 600mbit/s at peak times.

Want to peer with Custodian?

We are a friendly bunch, so if you would like to peer with us please just drop us an email to