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More than just Business Connectivity

Get dedicated fixed price bandwidth, with speeds from 100Mbps to 10Gbps giving completely symmetrical upload and download speed and uncontended connectivity. Our fully managed service is ideal for businesses wanting completely exclusive connectivity, with the need to transmit data faster, offering a significant advantage over ADSL. We provide leased lines in Kent to businesses and local authorities, with more than 10 years experience in doing so.

  • Scalable speeds from 100Mbps to 10Gbps
  • 99.99% service availability SLA, low latency and secure
  • 24/7 UK support and monitoring
  • Connect directly to IaaS, major cloud providers, public sector networks, WAN services and so much more
  • We are part of the Ombudsman Service: Communications ADR service
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Leased lines for business

Next stop: The Cloud

Without an internet connection, the benefits of the cloud technology are effectively useless. Having a leased line in place for your business ensure that business embracing the cloud can bring it one step closer. Unlike the competition, our highly sophisticated network with has more than 900 can directly connect your business to the cloud. Your business internet connection needs to be consistent, something not guaranteed with a standard ADSL connection. Reduced uploading time, downloading time and guarantee access to files at any time of the day.

Burst to complete capacity

We charge you based on the 95th percentile. This enables your business to be charged based on the needed capacity of your bandwidth, rather than being charged for the maximum or average use. The extra 5% allows a burstable rate for unplanned or short periods of increased bandwidth without financial penalties. The 95th percentile enables you to peak over the paid limit by an unlimited amount for 5% a month which is circa 37 hours.

Wireless Leased Lines

A Wireless Leased Line or Wireless P2P as we call it has all of the benefits that come with fibre Ethernet leased lines, but with an even quicker install. Your business will still get the same speed and resilience, totally uncontended. All we need to do is set up a wireless transceiver at your site (which can take half the time of a fibre leased lines) and then you're ready to experience the benefits of superfast internet for your business straight away.

What is a leased line?

Leased lines are completely separated from the public network. Unlike business broadband, this type of business internet means you pay a monthly fee which is fixed. The fee will be dependent on how far the connection goes and the desired speed for your business. What's key is that your business has exclusivity of the connection. Less congestion. Higher speeds and totally business grade internet for the 21st century.

When should I get this type of business internet?

First and foremostly, why share your internet? Your business deserves the same level of performance no matter why time of the day it is. This type of business internet means that you get the same transfer speed in both directions. Your mission critical business processing may be heavily reliant on having internet connection that is strong, so this type of equal speed is a huge advantage compared to office broadband.

If you communicate through means of VOIP telephony, then this type of circuit will be a more reliable means of uninterrupted and contended communication. No other business on the line but your own. All yours.

Global Gateway device Global Gateway device

Plug your business into the world

Take your business to the cloud, public sector networks, internet, WAN and more. All through one box, with unrivalled bandwidth capability and benefits for your business.

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