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Backhaul Circuits

Many data centres solutions depend on multi-site set ups to deliver resiliency and meet disaster recovery objectives. It is important to be able to replicate data at low latency and high throughput, where a solution spans two or more data centres. Our network and trusted carriers are able to offer everything from 1Gb MPLS circuits to 40Gb and 100Gb wavelengths services.

  • Circuits support full QinQ trunking
  • Transparent to your equipment
  • Extend your existing network to us
  • No impact on its performance
Backhaul Circuits at Custodian Data Centres

Wavelength Services

Wavelength services are ideal for any large corporation wanting to transport large amounts of data between networks at high-speeds. Perfect for data centre connectivity, we offer a range of transparent, low latency, high capacity wavelength services that are fully scalable. With speeds up to 100Gb with a range of interface levels our Wavelengths provide a low latency connectivity with network backhaul.

Custodian Data Centres
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