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In its simplest form Colocation is the practice of housing your IT hardware within a third-party data centre facility. This service enables you to rent space in a facility that was custom built to provide the best environment for your IT infrastructure. The key components of a colocation service is the provision of physical space, redundant power and cooling, and network connectivity whilst you retain ownership and management of your hardware.

Building and maintaining your own data centre can be extremely costly, especially if high availability and resilience is critical for your business. Many businesses are choosing to outsource in order to reap the benefits without the high capital expenditure.

What are the key benefits that Colocation can provide to your business?

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Cost Savings

Economies of scale provide ongoing OpEx savings whilst freeing up your office space


Technical experts on hand to provide you with support and advice when you need it


Scale up or down easily, only pay for the space and power you need when you need it


Protect your infrastructure from physical security breaches with 24/7 security surveillance


High speed redundant network services to keep your business connected at all times


Highly invested redundant power and cooling to keep your business up and running

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