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A secure, scalable and customisable cloud

We run our very own managed cloud services in Kent, direct from our tier III data centre facility in Maidstone. Our managed private cloud is completely customisable and scalable, accompanied by a world-class ISP-grade network designed and built by our very own people.

Combining our private cloud with our award-winning colocation for your own hardware and connecting to public cloud operators can produce the perfect hybrid solution for your IT. All hosted within an ISO 27001 certified facility with multi-homed IP transit, 24/7/365 support from our team and guidance on how to manage your data.

  • Private cloud, hosted infrastructure in our very own data centre
  • High capacity interconnects to various other data centres and internet exchanges
  • Award-winning colocation for a hybrid solution
  • Super-fast bandwidth and low latency connectivity options
  • Directly connect to major cloud providers from our data centre
    Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure Google Cloud Alibaba Cloud IBM Cloud Oracle Cloud
Cloud Connect

Why our data centre is perfect for cloud

Rack Space Available

We have recently invested £4m into building a series of data rooms offering an extra security layer, contained environment, contained fire suppression and inexpensive cage options.

Data Centre Outages

Our success is built of the demand for reliability. We have invested heavily so our clients never go offline. This is why we are proud to say we have 100% uptime, always.

In-house Dedicated Team

We build on demand, with a permanent Mechanical & Engineering team on-site. The quality of our facility reflects the skilled engineers & tradespeople we employ.

1.20 pue
Our Annualised PUE

We're the only mixed colocation facility in the world to show its efficiency live online. A PUE of 1.0 is perfect, but not feasible in the real world. We are as good as it gets.

Transit Network Ports

Over time, we have developed a fully multi-homed and highly resilient IP transit service. Super-fast, low latent connections can be 10Mbps through to 10Gbps.

Adjacent BGP Peerings

We have one of the most peered networks in the country. A fully multi-homed IP transit gives full failover access to all routes in the internet.

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