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Your Business, Secured with Peace of Mind

By Alex Breary
close up of security door entry system

With Custodian clients placing their faith in us to house their IT infrastructure, something hugely critical to their business, it’s no wonder they value our physical security team so much.

For any colocation facility, it should be a requirement to have a security team on hand at all times. This specific aspect of the data centre is just as important as the cooling, powering and connectivity that comes with it.

Why is it so important?

Physical intrusions can happen. People will try their damn best to intrude on a facility which houses such a valuable amount of assets, so a 24/7/365 team must be in place to quash any opportunity in which somebody feels they may be able to access the data centre.

It’s also a necessity to maintain security once clients are in the building. With photographic, PIN and card combinations systems, along with air lock turnstiles for access to our data floors, only those with cleared authority on pre-approved lists can move around the data centre.

Our Head of Security, Casey McNamara, is in charge of running a fully trained and developed security team. He places special emphasis on making sure the team offer not only a high level of security, but also provide excellent customer service to our clients, “We try to include an aspect of training in every meeting we hold at Custodian. This can be anything to do with new systems and technologies that have been introduced which may benefit the data centre security and our customers down the line.

“We provide a customer service course to all of our security employees, which ultimately allows our guys to work better with our customers. We’re constantly looking to develop here, maintaining friendly and polite values in everything we do.”

Your business, our house

He continued to explain the ownership and care his team take in securing the data centre, “To us, this is a proud profession and we pride ourselves in looking after such important businesses. The way we look at it is, this is our ‘house’. We want our customers to come in, know our names and be able to have peace of mind we are in charge of everything at all times.”

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