Digital transformation in the Data Centre

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Digital transformation in the Data Centre

By Alex Breary
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Like many tech buzzwords around now, Digital Transformation is one that pops up a lot.

In a clear information revolution, where technology is ever changing, businesses are clearly fighting to keep up with it all. Adapting to the demands of consumers and their digital experiences, companies now find themselves needing to bring about the necessary change right now, today: not tomorrow.

And whilst there are many elements of Digital Transformation, be it UX, IoT, DevOps, AI and so on, we wanted to say a little about its role between businesses and the data centre.

How does a data centre play its part in Digital Transformation?

Having the most secure, efficient and adaptable IT infrastructure that responds to changes and need-musts should be at the top of every IT decision makers list. Complete cloud-computing offers numerous benefits, but also some negatives. So coupling a cloud solution with managing on premise IT resources is becoming a present-day choice for many.

Companies can choose whether to adopt private, public or hybrid cloud – and hybrid cloud is where Custodian Data Centres can help you digitally transform. Our data centre is built for secure, fast and resilient colocation services, which allows businesses to have total control of their on premise data. We also cater for those using public cloud services like Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, where they may choose to hold less sensitive applications.

Modern data centre

As data volumes continue to grow and the demand for fast-paced flexible IT capabilities come to the fore, the hybrid cloud solutions Custodian offer and the HPC (high performance computing) capabilities our data centre necessitates cater for many in the fast changing technological environment we find ourselves in today.

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