Colocation: Secure suites, the perfect fit for Fintech

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Colocation: Secure suites, the perfect fit for Fintech

By Alex Breary
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With the increase in Fintech businesses, their advanced technology and AI processing, comes greater demands on data centres.  A secure and always on environment are the key drivers for FinTech’s, to ensure the success and competitiveness of the business.

Part 1: A secure Fintech environment.

Financial transactions processing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and/ or Payment card data are highly regulated. This ensures the protection of this sensitive data. Businesses processing this kind of data will find themselves regulated by frameworks such as the PCI DSS and the GDPR. These regulations set out stringent security controls for businesses to meet. They must demonstrate that their business is securing the data of its customers correctly.

Our secure suites offer the ideal highly secure physical environment for businesses that are accountable for the security of sensitive data. Housed in our secure Kent data centre, all of our suites have the following physical security measures:

  • Layered concrete construction walls
  • Layered 2.5m secure meshed steel perimeter fencing to the compound and the facility itself.
  • Full site CCTV coverage and manned by our physical security team 24/7/365.
  • Stringent access controls include: Security controlled gates, turnstiles, single point of entry portal system and robust access control policies.

Customised security.

There are many security requirements that Fintech businesses can find themselves needing to satisfy. Whether these are requirements of a regulation framework or set by investors for funding. We know that an “out of the box” approach doesn’t always work.

A secure suite with Custodian, is your data centre, and is fully customisable to your individual business needs and can include options such as:

  • Additional internal CCTV
  • Biometric entry systems
  • Internal structure upgrade aligned to various security ratings such LPS 1175.

Our compliance support.

Custodian has been PCI DSS validated. We have demonstrated that our Kent data centre is fully compliant with the physical requirements (9 and 12) of the PCI DSS framework. We use strong access control measures and our ISO27001 Information Security Policy and internal security processes to ensure the highest level of physical security for our customers.  Our data centre is also Cyber Essentials Plus certified, further demonstrating our commitment to cybersecurity.

A Custodian Secure Suite provides the ideal physically secure environment to satisfy even the toughest of security regulations, and we are audit friendly. We support all onsite audits to demonstrate our security measures, making it is as easy as possible for our customers to demonstrate their own compliance.

We are passionate about helping our customers protect their business-critical data and the data of their clients.

Find out more about our Secure suites here.

Fintech Part 2: An Always on environment to follow next week……

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