5 Benefits of using a Data Centre

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5 Benefits of using a Data Centre

By Alex Breary
data centre corridor with server racks on one side

Companies are evolving from individual servers to networked systems which rely on being online all the time. Businesses are quickly identifying that the original benefits of running your own server room in order to have your servers close by, is being outweighed by the advantages of an outsourced solution. Here are five reasons why your business should consider colocating your IT infrastructure into Data Centres:

Achieve true resilience

A data centre will provide a range of connectivity options, power and cooling, but unless it’s resilient, you may as well stay in the server room. At Custodian, we allow our customers to achieve the true resilience they are after.

Power resilience through diverse feeds through completely diverse power distribution paths and separate batteries, UPS and generators. All meaning we sustain our 100% uptime record.

Cooling resilience – the data centre utilises an evaporative adiabatic cooling system, which can withstand multiple failures without affecting the cooling of customers racks.

Connectivity resilience – this is thanks to Custodian being carrier neutral. This allows the data centre to deliver everything via diverse connections into the facility.

Staff on-site 24/7

Whether it’s day or night, problems can arise at any given time. Custodian has skilled, experienced technicians and engineers on hand around the clock. Whether you need basic remote hands, advanced engineer assistance or delivery, storage and collections – Custodian are available.

You don’t even have to attend the site when you want spare parts swapped out!

Unlimited connectivity options

You’re not just tied to one or two providers. The core network has been installed with a variety of carriers including NTT, Level 3, Cogent, Virgin Media Business, BT and more. At Custodian, the highest burstable capacity is available to clients, without having to commit to a permanent large link.

The data centre also makes it easy to get additional links to new providers, should they become necessary.

Office savings and security gains

With the ability to regain office space, reduce your power usage and make savings on both cooling systems and respective maintenance costs, it is no wonder that data centres are thriving.

Both reductions in operation expenditure and economies to scale means that collocating to a data centre offers your organisation the potential to maximise their overall business.

What’s more, at Custodian there is a 24/7 security team in place to secure the building and equipment. This team is in-house, dedicated and regularly trained to the latest standards. Custodian is also ISO 27001 certified, ensuring risks and threats are assessed and managed appropriately by the data centre’s in-house compliance team.

DDoS Protection

Sadly, there is an increasing number of attacks on clients who have seen their businesses go offline. No matter how big or small you are: they can happen to you when you least expect it.

Fortunately, Custodian has a DDoS Mitigation service in place, giving protection against DDoS attacks, whenever they may occur. This is something a data centre like Custodian can help you fight – could you really do it on your own?

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