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10 Years

From a single rack in data floor 1 to 300+ clients across multiple sites.

See what our clients and staff have made of their time with Custodian so far.

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Our Purpose

Data centres can sometimes be seen to be an energy hungry enemy.

So, we wanted to do things differently. Our vision ten years ago was to create one of the greenest data centres in the UK. To sustainably build a facility that used forward-thinking, eco-friendly cooling technologies.

Custodian Data Centres was born, in the beautiful surroundings of the Maidstone Studios, in the heart of the garden of England, Kent.

Passionate about a sustainable future

As a data centre built with environmental concerns at its core, we have designed our infrastructure and processes to minimise impact on our natural resources, optimising our efficiencies and achieving unprecedented levels of energy conservation within our industry, using five times less energy per kW of IT load than the average data centre. What's more, our PUE regularly drops below 1.2, meaning that for every 1kW used to power equipment hosted in the data centre, we use 0.2kW of power to operate all related areas of infrastructure, such as cooling, lighting, etc. These efficiencies not only allow us to benefit the world around us but to pass on savings to our clients.

Growing together hand-in-hand

We are here today, 10 years on, thanks to our wonderful client base.

Since we turned our first ever client on in the data centre, we have grown to more than 300 clients across our colocation, network and cloud portfolio. What’s so special about our client base is its diversity. The special thing with our walk of life is, that no matter how big, how small or how ambitious - so many out there rely on us to house their critical infrastructure.


We Switched On Our First Client In Data Floor 1 & Won Green Data Centre Award For Our Fresh Air-cooling System.


Expansion Saw Quadruple The Number Of Employees Compared To Previous Year.


New dark fibre routes into London from Maidstone, sub 0.4 m/s latency.


Began implementing evaporative cooling system for Data Floor 4.


Launched Data Floor 4, comprising of 18-24 rack data rooms.


First ever Talking Tech event launched for IT community.


10 years of 100% uptime and sustainable building.

The green data centre